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  • Multi Factor Authentication Information

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    Multi Factor Authentication is probably nothing new to most of you, it’s a way to stop someone from logging into your Email account without having a code that you receive in a number of different ways. Most of you may already do this with your bank or even some of your online subscriptions.

    The Authentication methods you can use are:

    Cell phone: a phone call or text message

    Office phone

    Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone or computer

    Personal email account


    The way it works is when you or someone tries to login to your Email on a new device that you have never used before, you will receive a message telling you to use a verification code. In your email settings you can add more authentication methods, I suggest you setup as many as possible.

    After you enter the code you will be logged in. So, if someone else it trying to login as you, you will know by the message you receive and that person will not have access without the code.


    If you have work email on your phone, you will have to remove the account and add it back for it to work correctly.

    Also, mail apps on your computer may not work so we recommend everyone use webmail.


    Setup steps:


    1.       Your first time logging in to Email after we apply the settings you see a message that more information is required:




    2.       Next step asks how you want to be contacted. Here I chose my phone, and for it to call me. You can select different options such as text message, email or through an app from Microsoft that will display the code for a short time when requested.



    3.       The next step will send a code to the method you chose, get the code and enter it in the space provided.



    4.       Don’t worry about the App Password, click done.



    5. After you login, you may see the message below. Click on the check box for "Don't ask again for 30 days", this will make it so you don't have to enter a code every time you login.




    At any time, you can add another authentication method by going to webmail, click on the circle with your initials in the upper right corner and click “My Account”.

    This will bring you to a new page, in the “Security Info” box, select “Update Info”. On the “Security Info” page, click the “+ Add Method”. Here you can choose the method and follow the prompts.

    If you have problems, please open a ticket by logging into choose the request type "Email/Multi Factor Authentication" or call 978-674-2024 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

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