• How to log into the LHS Video Server [09/2017]

    If there are teachers that haven’t accessed the channel 44 live stream from our online devos option, here is how you may get into that:

    In terms of getting the raider report and all other channel 44 programs (like the 911 ceremony) you can stream the live broadcast of the channel from our DEVOS system.

    Follow the link below and a log in window is likely to pop up.

    Use the same credentials that you would use to sign into your email or likely your computer, and an account will automatically be created for you.

    For example

    User name: yourloginname

    Password: youremailpassword


    Next, drop down the domain menu just below that and choose; lowell.k12.ma.us



    From Bryan Wilkins - BWilkins@lowell.k12.ma.us

    The PDF link above offers a bit more detail...

    For the user name, do not include the ‘@lowell.k12.ma.us’ extension.

    Make sure to choose the correct domain in the dropdown.

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