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    Google Chrome; Apps and Extensions for Special Needs SPED
    Instructor:  Barbara Fauvel-Campbell
    Location:    Daley School - Computer Lab Rm #308
    Time:         8:00AM - 1:00PM
    Dates:        7/9, 7/10, 7/11 
    There are many tools and features for the Google suite of products that provide accessibility or other accommodations for users with special needs. Some of these tools and features are created by Google and built right into their products such as Google Chrome. Others are created by third-parties and available as web apps, extensions, and such. Come learn about these amazing tools to help our students achieve in the classroom!
    You will also become more comfortable setting up systems for students across school department platform devices. This will allow accommodations that you set up for specific students to stay with each student's login identity. This process will allow for modifications to be available across content/subject areas throughout the day whenever they login to Google Chrome on any device..  
    During this workshop, you will learn about specific apps/extensions and have the ability to put them to use the very next day!
    This workshop will fulfill your 15 PDPs requirement in SPED for renewal of your Professional license.​