• Justin DeJoy

    Mr. DeJoy is the band teacher at the Stoklosa and three other schools in Lowell. Mr. DeJoy recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a master’s degree in music education where he played in a variety of groups such as the wind ensemble, Latin ensemble, and Cambodian ensemble. His main instrument is euphonium, but he plays many other instruments such as trumpet, trombone, and drums. Although he likes band music, he also likes to listen to funk, R&B, classic rock, and pop music. When not teaching band, he likes to cook, hike, and go to the beach! For more info, feel free to email him at JDejoy@lowell.k12.ma.us.



    Justin DeJoy
    Band Teacher

    Stoklosa Middle School
    560 Broadway St. Lowell, MA