• Parent/Guardian & Student Signature Page

    The Parent'Student Handbook is available on-line at: http://www.lowell.k12.ma.us

    By signing below, I acknowledge I have accessed the school handbook, and I acknowledge that my child is responsible for adhering to these policies and may face consequences for failing to comply.


    Student's Name (Print): _______________________________________

    ID Number: ___________________

    Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________

    Address: ________________________________________________________

    Apt. #  ________________             Zip Code: ________________

    Home Phone Number: _________________________________________

    Work Number: __________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

    Emergency Phone Number: _______________________________________________

    Emergency Contact Name: ________________________________________________ 

    Relationship: (i.e. grandparent, uncle, friend, etc.) _____________________________

    Indicate if emergency contact can pick up student: _____ Yes        _____ No

    Parent Email Address: ___________________________________________

    Would you prefer letters and documents sent via: ____ Postal Service      _____ Email

    _____ I do not have access to the on-line version of the handbook. I request a hardcopy.

    Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________ Date: _____________

    Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _____________

    To be filled out by office only with copy kept on file.

    _____________________________ Date hardcopy provided to parent/guardian.