• penny PENNIES WIN! penny

    September 9th – October 4th


    The Washington will be having the first annual Penny War Contest between the grades to see who can earn the most points by collecting spare change.


    • Pennies are worth: + 1 point each
    • Nickels: - 5 points (minus/negative)
    • Dimes: - 10 points(minus/negative)
    • Quarters: - 25 points(minus/negative)
    • Paper Currency – points are doubled (example: $1.00 = +200 points)


    During the contest, we will have containers near the office, for each grade. Donations of coins/change may be put in ANY grade’s container. Once coins are put into a container, they CANNOT be moved.


    The best strategy is to put pennies in YOUR grade’s container and silver coins in the other grades’ containers (to make them lose points)

    Bring your pennies to school in a plastic sandwich bag with your name and homeroom on it. Separate your silver coins (nickels, dimes, and quarters) and place in another bag with your name.


    The school will use all of the money to supplement our Student Activity Account.   The winning grade will get a pizza party! Let’s have some good competition and raise money for our school!