• Suggested Music Enrichment Activities from Ms. McDermott


    These activities are intended to last two weeks. Please complete any of the activities as you are able. Suggested pacing: 1-2 activities per week.

    Sing Along (All Grades)

    Shaughnessy School Song

    Here are the music activities for the week of June 8-12. Please do what you are able. As always, you may reach out to me with any questions or concerns at ekmcdermott@lowell.k12.ma.us

    Kindergarten and Grade 1

    Wendell the Narwhal Story

    • Click on the link below to listen to Ms. McDermott read the story, Wendell the Narwhal
    • After listening to the story, discuss the following questions with a family member:
      • What was your favorite part of the story?
      • What were some of the sounds the other sea animals made?
      • What other animals make musical sounds?
    • Optional challenge: Draw a picture of an animal that makes musical sounds

    Grade 2

    Pig and Duck Drawing Song

    • Click on the video below to learn how to draw a pig and a duck using a drawing song
    • After watching the video, draw the pig and duck by yourself
    • Next, color in the pig and the duck and add details
      • Idea: Draw the duck and the pig living on a farm
    • Lastly, teach someone in your family the drawing song

    Grade 3 and 4

    Sevens Hand Clapping Pattern

    • Click on the link below to watch Ms. McDermott teach “Sevens”
    • Optional challenge: perform Sevens as fast as you can without making mistakes


    The Goldfish Action Song

    • Click on the link below to watch The Goldfish music video
    • Copy the actions the people in the video do to act out the song

    Hawaiian Rainbows Song