• Shaughnessy PreK Remote Learning Support

    Please use this as a resource to support the Lowell Public Schools Remote Learning Resources. We wanted to provide you with examples and choices of activities that would help our students and families meet the Lowell Public Schools Remote Learning Model of suggested learning per week. We suggest that you choose one activity per learning area under the LPS Remote guidelines.

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    Classroom Teacher

    Ms. Shannon’s Office Hour 10:00-11:00AM 

    Class Dojo/ sgreen@lowell.k12.ma.us 

    If your child receives Special Education Services, please feel free to reach out to the teachers below. 

    AM Class Special Education Teachers

    Special Education Teacher

    Mrs. Blaschke’s Office Hour 11:00AM-12:00PM 

    Class Dojo/ jblaschke@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-482-7395


    Speech Pathologist

    Mrs. Melvin’s Office Hour 10:00-11:00AM

    cmackin@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-276-4782


    Occupational Therapist

    Mrs. Villarroel’s Office Hour 11:00AM-12:00PM

    tvillarroel@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-561-6193

    PM Class Special Education Teachers

    Special Education Teacher

    Mrs. Kelly’s Office Hour 9:00-10:00AM 

    Class Dojo/ lkelly@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-886-4917


    Speech Pathologist

    Ms. Mahoney’s Office Hour 9:00-10:00AM

    Class Dojo/ cmahoney@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-419-1539


    Occupational Therapist

    Mrs. Hartwig’s Office Hour 2:30AM-3:30PM



    School Social Worker

    Mrs. Espinola respinola@lowell.k12.ma.us or phone 978-337-8426

    Literacy Specialist

    Mrs. Rabias srabias@lowell.k12.ma.us or phone 978-226-3931

    Math Resource Teacher

    Mrs. Brown sbrown@lowell.k12.ma.us or Google Voice 978-226-8234