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    Please use this as a resource to support the Lowell Public Schools Remote Learning Resources. We wanted to provide you with examples and choices of activities that would help our students and families meet the Lowell Public Schools Remote Learning Model of suggested learning per week. We suggest that you choose one activity per learning area under the LPS Remote guidelines.

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    I Stink by Kate and Jim McMullan 

    English: https://youtu.be/IuwjjdtsQbA  

    Pashto: It Stinks https://youtu.be/L_4vmBTORcU  

    Khmer https://youtu.be/nR9neOekC7U  

    Spanish https://youtu.be/_KgiP8uQrLk  

    This book explores a Garbage truck picking up trash in the city. It “Stinks” because it is eating all of the trash that gets thrown out. Take notice of the “Garbage Alphabet.” See if your children can recognize and label some of the items that people throw in the trash. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn when exploring Garbage (Trash) trucks. 

    Building Vocabulary -The book contains rich vocabulary to explore with your child beyond the story. Find ways to use some of the words during daily routines and play activities and reference the book I Stink.  

    Wide-from side to side.  

    Curb-a stone or concrete edging to a street or path  

    Hopper-A container for bulk material that can get rid of its contents by dumping it.  

    Parts of a Trash Truck

    Throttle, Pistons, Tailgate, Crushers, Blade  

    Compacted-Tightly put into something. (Like when you try and stuff a lot into a backpack to make everything fit inside)  

    Landfill- A place where they bring the trash and leave it.  

    Barge-A flat bottom boat for carrying a lot of items. In this story, it takes trash out of a city.

    Literacy: Matching upper and lower case letters - Save small lids off the top of bottles. Using a permanent marker print capital and lowercase letters on the inside of the lid where there is no writing. If you have a small bin you can fill it with sand or other items and bury lower case letters. Place uppercase letters in a bag or bin and have your child pick one then find its match in the sand. When the letter is found, have your child place the pair on a tray. When all the letters are found, encourage your child to place them in alphabetical order. Then they can use the letter to practice printing their own capital letters and lowercase letters on paper. 

    Smelling Stuff- Use the template on page 5 to describe different smells. Encourage the use of rich language. Some words used to describe smells Airy, clean, heavy, floral, musky, powerful, funky, nasty, overpowering, ripe, sour, stinking, fresh, fragrant, rich, sweet, tangy, and scented. 

    Creative Arts: Garbage Bag Windsock- Lay a clean white trash bag out flat to color. Slit the seam at the bottom and cut strips. Do not cut all the way to the top. Leave part of the design showing at the top of the bag. Use the ties on the garbage bag to hang. 

    Dirt Cloud Dough:
      3 cups flour (normal white flour)
      1 cup cocoa
      1/2 vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, a mix)
    Zip lock bag

    Add the flour and cocoa into the zip lock and give it a good mixing. Add your vegetable oil to the flour mix and squeeze the air out of the zip lock as you close it. Mix the flour/cocoa and oil until it seems well mixed. Pour this mixture out into your sensory bin/on a tray and give it a bit more mixing if needed.

    Links to on-line music and learning:

    Explore Machines and Recycling by Blippi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cVGrRNi_2k 

    This you tube video shows a Recycling Plant and other trucks.

    Garage Trucks Song – by Blippi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fysFwSfdQzc  


    Clean-up Trash Song by CoComelon Nursery Rhymes for Kids Songs


    Diggory the Dumptruck A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure -


    The Stinky and Dirty Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmJfAiKifuI  

    Smash, Mash, Crash There Goes the Trash by Barbara O’Danaka

    English: https://youtu.be/jtDW8MDVe_8 

    This is a colorful book that has whimsical pictures and great words to promote sound and language.

    Language and Literacy:

    Discuss Garbage and Trucks: Draw a picture of trash truck. Label parts of the truck.

    Engage a conversation during meals or routines:

    What happens when the trash collectors pick up the trash? Where do they think it goes? What happens to the garbage? Do they know why it could be “stinky” on a garbage truck? Do you think it is a cool job? Why? Why Not? Should we throw this away or reuse it for something?

    Indoor Bowling - Collect empty bottles. Fill them with rocks, water or some other item to weigh them down. Make sure the cover is securely fastened. Duct tape could be used to seal the containers so nothing spills out. You only need to fill the bottles a little so they will stand up. Decorate the outside by gluing fabric or paper to the bottle. Line up the bowling pins and have your child roll a ball and knock them down. Count how many pins fell. This is a great experience to begin learning to count. You can extend learning by using different types of balls. Explore which balls knocked the pins over and which do not. Explore “Why” together. 


    Make a Feely box: Use an old tissue box and cover it with a piece of paper. Gather two of the same small items – look for things with a texture i.e. scratchy, soft, fuzzy, rough, cold etc. or unique shape. Place items in front of your child talk about each item. Then place one of each item into the tissue box. Tell your child to close their eyes and reach inside the box to find the matching item selected. Encourage your child to use language to describe what they are feeling or touching as they look for matching items with only their sense of touch inside the tissue box.

    Great Links to explain Trash and Recycling: Use page 10 to sort the trash pictures.

    https://pbskids.org/video/sid-science-kid/1884201189  Sid The science Kid (Garbage and Recycling) *Have your child help put trash into the garbage can. If able, have them help take out the trash on trash day.


    Ice Boats- Materials needed: food coloring, straws, sticky tape, cardboard for sails, and containers filled with water that have been frozen.


    • Find a container, size and shape of your choosing. Fill container(s) with colored water about 1⁄2 way to make the body of the boat.
    • Place a straw in before the boat before freezing as it will be the mask for sail once the water is partly frozen.


    1. Freeze the rest of the way.

    In the morning remove from the container, decorate mask with sails, and have fun sailing your boats in the kiddie pool or tub.


    Recycle: A Handbook for Kids by Gail Gibbons 

    This book talks about how to recycle.  The detailed illustrations and rich vocabulary offer good information about recycling.


    Language and Literacy

    Conversation Starters:

    Do you think we recycle at our house? 

    What can you do to help? 

    Why do you think recycling is important? 

    Can you think of anything you can recycle?


    Computer Games

    Seasame Street: Abby’s Sandbox Search Letter Sound Game


    Set up a recycle sorting game use page 12 to play and make the cards

    Have students place recycled materials into the three groups: Plastic / Paper / Trash

    National Geographic Kids Recycle Round Up. Game https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/action-and-adventure/recycle-roundup-new/  

    Classroom Teacher

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    If your child receives Special Education Services, please feel free to reach out to the teachers below. 

    AM Class Special Education Teachers

    Special Education Teacher

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    Speech Pathologist

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    Occupational Therapist

    Mrs. Hartwig’s Office Hour 2:30AM-3:30PM



    School Social Worker

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