• Mr Alves

    Mr. Alves is a teacher in our school who is always "stepping up" and helping others. He displays a "Bee the Change attitude in his goal directed behavior. Recently, Mr.Alves came to my classroom and used his own time to set up Microsoft Whiteboard on my Clear Touch. I didn't even ask for his help with this. Just a few days prior, he saw that I was using the built-in whiteboard on my Clear Touch and he stated that he was eager to show me something that would be an even better way to support my students. Mr. Alves is our "go-to, technology guru." He led our team during a recen presentation by Mr. Skinner and set up everything we needed without hesitation, addition to gathering microphones so students' questions could be easily heard. N Alves is also the mastermind behind our weekly newsletter. He invests a lot of timell creating the newsletter and keeping our school community aware of important upcoming events. Thank you, Mr. Alves, for bee-ing the change we wish to see in this world.

    Last year when I had Mr. Alves, he was very kind and helped me the most he could. This year I see him once and a while and he's always extremely nice. I truly appreciate Mr. Alves!



    I have known Germing since elementary school, and he has always helped me when I needed it. In math, for example, Germing helps me understand what I need to do to get an answer to a problem. He guides me through the steps he uses to arrive at the correct answer. Germing does a lot for me and for other people no matter what.



    Anadela always helps me with my work when I am having trouble. She doesn't tell me the answer. Instead, she guides me through the problems. Anadela never gets mad at me when I am not understanding a problem. She also helps me out with ' correcting my work to make sure we did the classwork correctly. I really enjoy having Anadela as a classmate.