• Isabella

    Thekla wrote to recognize Isabella for Social Awareness ~

    Shows empathy, the ability to understand and appreciate feelings, thoughts and attitudes of another person.

    Bella is a very empathetic person. When someone explains a situation to her, she gives you her full attention and listens to your thoughts and feelings even if you are not her close friend. An example of this was when I was trying to get a Daley Diamond award. Bella encouraged me to keep working hard and to focus in class and was very supportive to me. However, I didn't end up getting a Daley Diamond award. I was very devastated by this, but Bella was a friend who I can talk to and express myself. She comforted me and told me that I had many more chances to get a Daley Diamond award. The next term I got an Effective Effort award for science all because of Bella.


    Mrs Prato

    Veesoth wrote to recognize Mrs. Prato for Goal-Directed Behavior ~ Set and achieve goals.

    I chose to recognize Mrs. Prato for her goal directed behavior.

    Mrs.Prato puts her own time and effort into her lessons so each and every one of her students understands the material. If a student is confused and needs extra help, Mrs.Prato is quick to teach them personally and explains the material in a way that the student understands. Mrs. Prato always knows what's best for us and she i always leading us through the path of success.



    Ms. Holloway wrote to recognize Kayembe for Personal

    Responsibility ~ The ability to be careful and reliable in their actions.

    On more than one occasion, I've seen Kayembe quietly walking down the hallway and notice pieces of paper trash on the floor. Unaware that anyone else was noticing, Kayembe picked up the items and threw them away in the appropriate way. When I called out to him, complimenting him on being such a good citizen, Kayembe just smiled. I could tell that he has such integrity in his actions, taking personal responsibility to correct an issue that he did not cause.

    Thank you for being so respectful and responsible in the halls of the Daley!

    -Ms Holloway