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    Posted by Student Leadership Team on 3/19/2018

    Penny Wars started this month, and will last until the end of March. Penny Wars is when students from all grades bring coins to school and place them in jugs on the cafeteria stage. Each grade has their own jug, and the grade that has the most coins in their jug will earn an ice cream party. Last year second grade won. Who do you think will win this year?! 


    -Student Leadership Team 

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  • UNICEF Kid Power Bands

    Posted by Student Leadership Team on 3/6/2018 1:20:00 PM

    This month, fourth and third grade classes received UNICEF Kid Power Bands in P.E./Gym class from Mrs. Guthrie. When we wear the UNICEF Power Bands it counts our steps. Two-thousand four-hundred steps equals one point, and each time we earn ten points we unlock a food package. The food package gets sent to people around the world that may need help. Also, the Kid Power Bands can tell the time. It dies after five days, and it has our name on it. We get to keep our Kid Power Bands for a year, which is awesome! The Kid Power Bands encourage us to exercise, and save lives by providing food packages. 



    -Student Leadership Team 

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  • Day of Service January 13, 2018

    Posted by Rachel Ngene and Brady Bond slt members on 1/19/2018

    The Day of Service at the Lincoln Elementary School is when parents,students,teachers and Mission Continues get together to help our school commuity look more beautiful and heart warming .  The day of service connects to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he dedicated most of his life to service and the day of service is all about service. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is also importent because he helped fight against racism. #day of service check out our day of service photos on the Lincoln School Facebook page.

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  • LINCOLN​ ​SCHOOL​ ​SPIRIT​ ​WEEK!​ ​December​ ​18th-22nd

    Posted by Kashi Akira Lay and Ellyana Keo on 12/18/2017

    Monday​ ​Crazy​ ​Hat​ ​Day Crazy Hat Day is when every grade can wear their crazy hats or normal hats such as mario hats, reindeer antlers, beanies, hoodies, baseball caps, emoji hats, and festive hats.

    Tuesday​ ​Backwards​ ​Day Backwards Day is when YOU can wear your clothes backwards.We noticed that many students wore their shirts backwards.

    Wednesday​ ​Crazy​ ​Hair​ ​Day On Crazy Hair Day you can make your hair look CRAZY and silly.

    Thursday​ ​Grade​ ​Color​ ​Day Grade Color day is when your grade level has to wear a specific color ● Pre-k and kindergarten wears ORANGE ● First grade wears RED ● Second grade wears GREEN ● Third grade wears YELLOW ● Fourth grade wears BLUE

    Friday is Pajama day PJ day is when you get to wear your cozy PJ’s(pajamas)


    Check out some pictures here!:Spirit Week 2017


    Blog post written by:SLT Members Kashi Akira Lay and Ellyana Keo

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