• All School Rules

    New All School Rules were developed over the summer of 2011. We now have five all school rules and will follow the consequences already described in the student handbook.

    At the Bartlett Community Partnership School, students and adults:

    1. Respect self.
    2. Respect others.
    3. Respect property.
    4. Are prepared.
    5. Try your best. 

    "You broke it. You fix it."

    This means:
    If a student drops papers on the floor, the student needs to pick it up.
    If a student needs to apologize to those injured in any way.
    If a student damages property, the student must repair or replace it. 

    Discipline as Teaching Self-Control

    When students make poor choices that have a negative impact in the classroom, we will make attempts to help the student regain self-control. If the student is unable to regain self-control, adults will have to take control from the child. If a child is disrupting teaching the following steps will be taken:

    1. Warning - The behavior will be named and student will be given a warning.
    2. Break 1 - The student will be asked to take a break and return when s/he is ready. Student must return demonstrating corrected behavior.
    3. Break 2 - The student will be asked to take a break, but this time, the teacher decides when the student is ready to return. The teacher will conference with the student privately before returning to his/her seat.
    4. Break 3 - The student takes a break in a Partner Classroom. Student has a time out using a sand timer and fills out a sheet. Student returns to classroom with the sheet and may or may not conference with the teacher.
    5. Office - At this point, student has had four opportunities to regain self-control. The next step is the Quiet Room or Office.

    Daily Detentions for Middle School

    If a student has been referred to the quiet room or office, once consequence may be detention. Assisstant Principal McLean will be holding detention on a daily basis after school for middle school students. We will communicate with parents when a detention is given and work with you. It is an expectation that parents/guardians support the school by giving permission for the student to walk, ride public transportation, or be picked up on time.