• Enforcing the dress code can lead to resentment from students and power struggles with staff. However, the dress code is clear. The most common problems in dress are:

    Males: Oversized clothing such as shirts to the knees and pants so large the crotch comes down very low. We have explained that this form of dress can be very unsafe in school (running in the gym or getting caught on equipment).

    Females: shorts or skirts that are too short, tops that are too low at the bust or too short at the belly or back. Busts, bellies, and backs need to be covered in school.

    Consequences: Students will be given an alternative outfit to wear if the dress code is a problem. If the student refuses or continues to disregard the dress code, there will be consequences. 

    Why? Students should dress as if school were their “job”. Dress should not cause distraction or represent danger.