• Washington Remote Learning Assignments

    All Grades

    Week 4/13-4/17 Assignments  

    Everyday, do these assignments: 

    • Week 4 Packet
    • 20 minutes of reading
    • Watch 1 read aloud per day
    • iReady 15 minutes per day (do this through Clever, see directions below)
    • Choose one other activity to do from Clever


    • Your child also has access to apps and websites that they may have used previously in school by logging into Clever. Each student has their own login information. Their username is their LASID or lunch ID.  Their password is their Date of Birth in mmddyy format, so if your child’s birthday is April 3, 2012, then their password would be 040312.
    • Students will see some of the applications listed below:
      • typing.com, i-Ready, Google classroom, BrainPOP, CommonLit, Edulastic, FOSSweb, MyLexia, Newsela, Scholastic, STMath, Vocabulary.com, Zearn, Lexia Core5, Lexia PowerUp, McGraw-Hill, Reading Plus, Sphero Edu, Tynker.


    Every week, do 3 (or more) of the following from LPS Home Learning Website:


    For ELL support materials, please visit Mrs. Plunkett's google site here

    For Mrs. McCoy's class page, please click here.

    For Ms. Burns' class page, please click here.

    For the Fourth Grade page, please click here.

    For Ms. Parrington's Special Education page, click here.

    For some additional websites our students use, click here.


    Need a printed packet? Visit these lunch sites to pick one up.


    Visit the bin outside of the front door of school to pick one up.


    Having trouble? Please contact your child's teacher during the office hours listed below.

    Please hold on to all of your finished work!


  • Office Hours