• Hello Seniors!

    Please fill out this form to upload your 2021 senior photo to the Spindle Yearbook! Senior photos will be due NOVEMBER 20, 2020. If you do not submit a senior photo your school ID photo will be used in the yearbook. Please review the photo policy carefully to make sure you meet all of the requirements! FYI: You will need to be logged into your SCHOOL account to fill out this google form!


    Photo submission policy:


    • 300 dpi - if the resolution is too low the photo will look pixillated
    • cannot be a screen shot
    • cannot be a selfie
    • Please make sure your photo is well lit, you do not want the image to be too dark (photos at dusk are difficult to get the lighting correct)


    • Please do not send PNG or LIVE photos - they must be HIGH resolution JPEG (so tell your photographer!)


    • Although your photographer may take lots of poses of you, please make sure you have one photo that is just your HEAD AND SHOULDERS for the yearbook.
    • The photo space is small so it will be cropped or not accepted if you send in a photo that is your full body.
    • The yearbook wants the photos to look consistent and high quality.
    • no one else besides you can be in your yearbook photo


    • Vertical photo
    • Height 3.5 inches
    • Width 2.5​ inches
    • Max 1 MB in file size


    • Senior Photos must align with the policies and rules outlined in the Lowell High School Student Handbook.
    • This includes the dress code, ear buds, cell phones, and hat policy.

    Ear Buds/Head Phones

    • Students are not allowed to wear ear buds in school nor have them present in their senior photo.

     Proper Dress

    • It is expected that all students of Lowell High School will be appropriately attired in his/her senior photo.
    • Students are prohibited from wearing any article of clothing or accessories which are lewd, which promote violence or hate for any individuals or groups, or which degrade the beliefs of others.

     Students are NOT permitted to wear the following in his/her senior photo:

    • Any apparel that hinders identification
    • Hats, hoods, bandanas
    • Gang-related clothing, articles, symbols, or visible tattoos
    • Clothing or jewelry that relates to drugs, alcohol, or has a sexual connotation
    • Sunglasses
    • Any other dress that distracts, disrupts, intimidates, or provokes or can be deemed inappropriate by the Head of School or her designee.
    • Absolutely No Props