• Purpose:

    The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) is integral to the continuous improvement of our school, driven by a collective commitment to delivering high-quality instruction that is accessible to every student. This coordinated team of administrators and teachers operates with the understanding that effective leadership is shared and collaborative. ILT works within the framework of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), with a primary focus on curriculum, instruction, and assessment for academics.


    1. Developing a Shared Definition of High-Quality Teaching and Learning.
    2. Acting as a key driver of change within the school, aligning actions with the overarching mission, vision, and core values.
    3. Fostering a Culture of Continuous Professional Learning and Growth
    4. Contributing to the integration of the MA curriculum frameworks within current curricula and reviewing the effectiveness of our current curricula in meeting the needs of our students.
    5. Defining an instructional focus in alignment with LPS and MA DESE improvement plans and annual goals.
    6. Supporting and communicating with various collaborative structures, including grade level teams (GLTs) and/or professional learning communities (PLCs).
    7. Collaborating on the development and implementation of assessment systems involving collecting, analyzing, interpreting internal and external data to assess student progress, and engaging in data-informed decision-making.