SCHOOL-WIDE   [classrooms, office areas, library etc]

    BE   SAFE

    Walk at all times, keep to the RIGHT

    Maintain open access to lockers, stairways, classrooms and   high-traffic areas

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Keep reasonable distance between self and others

    Walk safely up and down stairs

     Report any problems/safety concerns to staff

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Wash and dry hands

    Report any problems/safety concerns to staff

    Keep aisles clear

    Use seats for sitting   Walk in quietly

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Feet stay on the ground

    Report any problems/safety concerns to staff

    Single file line into cafeteria, 5 students at a time inside to   pick-up lunch trays

    Get up only with permission

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Clean up any spills and alert adult

    Keep food in lunchroom (safety concern for allergies)

    Stay in assigned area 

    Be mindful of traffic

    Use equipment safely

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Observe all safety rules for all drills & lockdowns

    Get help when needed

    Walk at all times

    Report safety concerns to staff


    Voice level=1

    Shut lockers gently

    Respect bulletin boards and display cases

    Help classmates

    Voice level=1

    Clean up after self, including flushing toilet

    Respect others privacy


    Voice level=0

    Show appreciation for the performers by clapping after the event

    Remain seated until told to leave

    Voice level=2

    Use good manners

    Clean up your eating area

    Be inclusive

    Keep food in lunchroom

    Patiently wait your turn

     Voice level=3

    Take turns and share equipment

    Use kind words

    Pick-up trash

    Throw trash in proper receptacles



    Keep feet, hands and other objects to yourself

    Respect privacy of others

    Follow the dress policy

    Maintain school appropriate volume and tone

    Listen when others are talking

    Use respectful language (kind words)

    Support each other with praise and recognition

    Stop and stand for Pledge of Allegiance

    No PDA (public display of affection)

    Say hello and smile J


    Keep your locker area and hallways clean

     When walking in line, stay with class

    Pick-up any trash

    Follow direction of staff

    Keep bathroom clean and free of graffiti

    Keep your time in the bathroom to a minimum

    Sign in and out of classroom

    Follow directions of the Leader or Speaker

    Keep the area neat and clean

    Go directly to assigned seat

    Active listening

    Be appropriate with your food and drink

    Respect others space

    Stay in seat until dismissed

    Properly dispose of garbage

    Sit in assigned areas

    Follow direction of staff

    Be where you are supposed to be on time

    Unless involved in after school activities, leave school promptly at   dismissal

    Pick-up trash

    Throw trash in proper receptacles

    Put playground equipment away

    Line-up promptly at bell or whistle

    Dress for the weather

    Follow direction of staff

    Clean up your space

    Discard litter in receptacles

    Eat and drink only during appropriate times and in appropriate places

    Be on time: in your assigned seats, with supplies and ready to learn

    Come prepared to class

    Follow the weapon and drug policy

    Follow the cell-phone policy

    Follow the dress policy


    0=silent                    1=whisper                                2=conversation                                        3=outside