Guidance Department Mrs. Dee
  • My name is Kaley Dee and I am the Guidance Counselor at the Butler Middle School.  I am responsible for all areas of your student's academic success and growth as well as their social/emotional wellbeing.  I work closely with all 8th-grade students on their high school planning from course selections at Lowell High School to applications for other schools such as Greater Lowell Technical High School.  

    I maintain records for all incoming students and students who are transferring out.  

    I work alongside our school Social Worker to ensure all students have access to the social/emotional support they need whether it be social skills groups, lunch bunch or a mental health referral for counseling.

    I coordinate with teams on our incoming 5th-grade orientation so the transition is smooth from elementary to middle school and look forward to working with these students for the next 4 years!

    I am always available for questions, concerns or comments and happy to connect with our Butler community any time!!

    Mrs. Dee