About Our Department

  • The mission of Guidance and Student Support Services at The Dr. An Wang Middle School is to help students access the educational, social/emotional and career skills required to reach their goals and become responsible community members. Through teamwork with parents, school staff members, community members and outside resource providers, the counseling department strives to create a safe environment where students can develop, learn and be well.

    Guidance services are available for all students and families at the Dr. An Wang Middle School. Included in these services are:

    • Assistance with high school selection
    • Caregiver/Student Information nights (on various topics)
    • High School Schedule planning
    • Clarification of test scores
    • Information on future career pathways
    • Assistance in arranging tutorial help in subjects
    • Assistance with academic, personal, and social concerns, or any situation which the student would like to discuss with the counselor. 

    School social workers address the emotional and social well-being of students. They provide support, information, and counseling and help students, parents, and school staff work together to solve problems by communicating and providing referrals to other resources. School social workers help facilitate conflict resolution, help students to develop positive coping strategies, and provide crisis intervention as needed. School social workers have multiple connections to community resources and help to connect families and students with support services.

    To contact our guidance counselor, please email mbridges@lowell.k12.ma.us.

    To contact our social worker, please email sbrooks@lowell.k12.ma.us.


    Wang Middle School Counseling Center

    No matter the distance, you are not alone. We are here and want to support you. This site has additional videos and activities to do to support you in working through all the feelings that students have going through Middle School and being in remote learning.