• These programs will run immediately after school until 5:00PM on multiple days of the week and we will be able to offer a number of different options. 

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    • Programs we're offering in the Spring


      • After-school programs being offered this spring:
        • Artists Alike Club: During spring session students will be able to focus on expressing themselves through sketching, drawing and painting. We will focus on nature based projects and many other fun activities that students will be able to take home express their true love for art! Venturing outside as the weather gets nicer to find inspiration for our projects will be the key element for spring session.

          Arts & Crafts: This program is a fun and creative way for students to unwind after a long day of classes. Students can explore various art and crafts, including painting, drawing, origami, paper crafts, and more. Through hands-on projects, students will develop their artistic skills while building their confidence and creativity. This program is perfect for students who have a passion for art and want to explore their creative potential in a supportive and fun environment.

          Book Club: Students will gather together in book club and decide on which book they would like to read. Each week we will have dedicated time to reading the book of choice which will be followed by a discussion about our thoughts on said book. Once the book is finished, we will watch videos or films based on our book.

          Camp Invention: An innovative STEM education program that takes nationally recognized Camp Invention® summer program and turns it into an engaging afterschool experience. Through creative, hands-on challenges, children build STEM competency and problem-solving skills while finding inspiration from real-world inventors.

          Chorus: Come sing some fun songs with a group of people! Great experience in between drama club.

          Cooking Around the World Club: Want to take a culinary trip around the world by preparing simple and delicious recipes. Space is limited. Sign up now!

          Flute-Clarinet-Sax-Trumpet-Trombone-Xylophone Ensemble:: Are you interested in putting in the work to be a REAL musician? This ensemble is for people that want to really get good at playing instruments. We're going to learn how to read music. We're going to learn the benefits of taking our instrument home and practicing EVERY DAY! Finally, we're going to play in the Spring Concert!!! If you're interested in playing a band instrument through all of middle school, start now. Join Flute-Clarinet-Sax-Trumpet-Trombone-Keyboard Ensemble!

          Guitar Ensemble: Want to learn how to play guitar? Join “Guitar Ensemble!” We’re going to learn the parts of the guitar, how to tune it, and basic maintenance. We’re going to learn about famous guitarists of the past and present. We’re going to learn about different styles of guitar playing. Finally, we’re going to perform songs that every guitarist should know. Join “Guitar Ensemble” after school every Monday and Wednesday!

          Newsletter: Come write about YOUR world. Join the Student Newsletter and write about what you want, let people know what is important to you and share the news of YOUR world. Each week we get about 400 views so you'll have an audience to share what you think is important. The Student Newsletter is a place for students to write about whatever you want and share what's important to you. Join us!

          Pagemasters: Come learn even more aspects of library science and work on our spring Book Room renewal project. We will be weeding, doing book repairs, inventory, genrefying, grade leveling, and interfiling to help our school! We will also be running a book club and having some Seattle style Silent Reading Parties in the library. (This group is intended for students who have applied and interviewed, and are already participating in the teacher referral based library Pagemaster program).

          Running Club: Members of the cross-country team can begin to prepare for the 2023 cross country season. Get back into running and get ideas on how to continue to strengthen your skills over the summer break. Set yourself up to succeed in the fall XC season! Serious runners/invite only. Takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

          Softball: Softball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of 10 players. It is a direct descendant of baseball although there are some key differences: softballs are larger than baseballs, and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand. Softball is played on a smaller diamond than in baseball. In this children will learn the rules and training to become a great player. Doing 5/6th graders on Monday and Tuesday and 7/8th graders on Wednesday and thursday

          SNL Sports Academy: Come join some college athletes from UML for team-building and collaborative games to help build character and tend to physical & mental health!

          Social Club (Grades 7 & 8 ONLY): A 7th & 8th grade led club that will have a rotating agenda each week including: watching and discussing movies, listening to and analyzing current music, playing board games, creating origami, and more activities that STUDENTS choose and run. Everyone is encouraged to bring their chromebooks, cell phones, and other materials necessary during these sessions.

          STEM Club: Come join the STEM club as we practice gardening on Mars, and compare it with outdoor gardening. We will be preparing the garden beds for the summer, planting crops, finally harvesting and eating some of the plants we grow.

          WWWE: We will be exploring to world of wool, specifically making scarfs by Knitting, crocheting and weaving. We also may be doing some wet felting and of course Needle felting.