• These programs will run immediately after school until 5:00PM on multiple days of the week and we will be able to offer a number of different options. 


    • Programs we're offering in the Fall

      Algebra (INVITE ONLY & 8TH GRADE ONLY): Invite only; The purpose of this algebra class is to prepare students for the High Honors Geometry test in the spring. If students pass this test, they will be able to skip Algebra I and take Geometry for their freshman year. This puts students on track to take AP Calculus in high school.

      Artists Alike Club: In Artist Alike Club you will be working with both Mrs. Morgan and Ms. Corcoran to explore the many different ways to create art. The art we make will be expressive, fun, and will help us develop a strong sense of community. We will not only be making our own art to take home, but we will also be painting murals and learning to display artwork.

      Band - Concert & Rock Band: Concert band will use traditional wind and percussion instruments. Rock band will use guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals.

      Coding: Learn computer science coding by trying the lessons at your own pace! Learn to create computer programs, develop problem-solving skills, and work through fun challenges! Make games and creative projects to share with friends, family, and teachers.

      Drama: Oh, the thinks you can think, when you think about Seuss! If you enjoy being on stage and performing with friends, join this year's school production of Seussical the Musical, Jr! We'll rehearse acting, singing and dancing and put on a fabulous show later this year!

      Lego Robotics: Come join us to learn how to code and build functioning robots all with beloved Legos. Compete against your peers to see who's robot can complete challenges the most efficiently!

      Newsletter: Make the news your own! What do YOU want to know? Who do YOU want to learn more about? With the Student Newsletter you'll get a chance to share what's important to you with the school. From recipes, jokes, music reviews YOU get to decide what we print. We'll work on online research, interview techniques and basic writing structures but best of all....we'll have fun. This is your school. This is your news,

      Puzzle Solving: Students will decompress the stresses of middle school by completing jigsaw puzzles with their friends or independently. They will also complete brain teasers and explore optical illusions in order to strengthen their minds!

      SNL Sports Academy: Come join some college athletes from UML for team-building and collaborative games to help build character and tend to physical & mental health!

      STEM Club: The STEM club will focus on the students finding a project that they would like to discover. The students can focus on an Engineering and Design project. A Kitchen Chemistry experiment. Would you like to participate in discovering how you might grow food on Mars. Maybe you want to improve the accuracy of your football throws, or soccer kicks. If this sounds like you then join STEM Club!

      WWE (Wonderful Wool & Everything…this is not a pro-wrestling club…just in case you were wondering): Wonderful Wool and Everything else! Come and spend some time with Mr. King and Ms. Colon and learn how needle felt, Knit, crotchet, spin, weave, and so much more.