• Student Support Services at the high school are overseen by the Coordinator of Student Support Services, who works in collaboration with House Deans, the district office, government agencies and local non-profits. The Coordinator oversees guidance programs and the 504 process.

    The primary purpose of student support services at Lowell High School is to facilitate the educational process by helping students develop a positive self-image, take personal responsibility, and learn to make decisions.

    Guidance counselors expect to see each student regularly during the school year in order to develop a comfortable working relationship and perspective on the student’s growth and development. Many students see their counselors more often to deal with guidance issues such as program choices and changes, college and career choices and problems solving around academic issues. As relationships build, students sometime bring more personal matters to counseling. Guidance counselors also consult parents, teachers, and administrators on issues related to learning styles, emotional needs, and behavior.

    Guidance counselors play a central role in the “Teachers Assistance Team”(TAT), which brings House Dean, Counselor, parents and teachers together by appointment to problem solve and devise solutions that enable a student to achieve success in the classroom. Participating in conferences to plan for students who may be eligible for services under IDEA and 504 as well as referring students for evaluation are also functions of counselors. Guidance counselors are referral agents who act as liaisons for parent and student to all student support services.

    The following is a list of general services provided by counselors for students and their parents:

    • Educational planning and counseling
    • Personal counseling
    • Scheduling new students
    • Information sharing and consultation with parents and teachers
    • Information about and referral to internal and external student support services
    • Information about and referral to special services (Chapter 766 & 504)
    • Participation in “TAT”
    • Assistance with decision making about the implementation of post graduate plans
    • Information about and referral to special programs

    Supports to students and families are also provided through the Crisis Intervention Team, the school-based social workers, and parent liaisons. To ensure that limited English proficient students have an opportunity to receive information in a language the student understands and to ensure that students have access to bilingual guidance counselors, all students requiring guidance services in their native language should ask their House Dean for a referral. Every effort will be made to accommodate the student in a timely manner.


  • Petra Farias

    Student Support Services

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