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Kayden and Keagan honorably retreating the flag

flag retreat 2023 Kayden and Keagan
Every school year, two 8th grade Daley School students are carefully selected for the reveille and retreat of the U.S. flag. This year, Kayden R. and Keagan D. have honorably continued this tradition, no matter the weather!  Early in the morning, both students can be seen raising the flag at the start of each school day.  At the end of the day, both are visible again, this time bringing down and carefully folding the flag.
When asked about their daily raising and lowering of the flag routine, Keagan stated that, “It is definitely an honor to do this because of its importance.”  Adding to the comment, Kayden mentioned that, “It shows respect towards our school, our community, and towards the nation.” Kayden and Keagan were also asked if they are proud of what they do.  Without any hesitation, both immediately replied that yes, they most certainly do.  “Why do you think our school needs to do this?”, both were asked.  Keagan stated that, “Because it symbolizes what we fought for during history, and in history classes they teach us the importance of the flag and what it represents.”
At the end of the interview, both were asked what they would like to say to next year’s 8th graders who will be taking on this task.  “I feel the need to tell them that they should take pride in doing it because it’s an important task”, said Keagan.  With a closing remark, Kayden stated, “They should have passion to [raise and lower the flag] and not just do it because they were told to.”