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Daley School Site Council Meeting



School Site Council Meeting 12/10


Liam Skinner

Aimee Sousa

Colleen Farrell

Sheila Carroll

Moira Silva


Friends of Lowell High:  Numbers are low for parent participation.  Perhaps lack of communication or understanding of Friends of Lowell High School.  

  • Can they send home a flyer or advertise during Family Night/Awards Night/Promotion Night.  


Sharing of school climate data from the DESE.  

Discussion of relative strengths and weaknesses

Parent: At the Daley there is zero tolerance for negative behavior and students need this.  Said there is a clear expectation that students are here to learn and grow. 

Next meeting: February 4th @ 1:00



School Site Council Meeting Tuesday 10/23



Liam Skinner

Aimee Sousa

Colleen Farrell

Eleanor Bell 6th or 978-454-6913

Sherri Geffroy 5th:  (978)888-1370

Moira Sliva 8th or 978-376-9915

Betsy  Foran 6th or 978-935-1836


1. Introductions.

2. Review of DESE 2018 Official Accountability Report and discussion of Daley Middle School data.  

3. Other issues discussed as raised by parents:

  • Changing in the locker room.
  • Students missing “good breakfast” (egg sandwiches) perhaps cafe needs to make more of these.  
  • Some of last students to get their lunch do not have enough time enough to each lunch.  
  • Open House Night - Schedule for some events was unclear, doors closed


4. Scheduled next school site meeting for December 10th @ 1:00.

5. Parent tour of lunch room.  

6. Book Fair and schedule on Facebook.


Possible topics for next time:

Just4kids data to see where our school is ranked among similar schools to the Daley.