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STEM Wars at the McAuliffe Elementary School

STEM Wars at the McAuliffe Elementary School was held on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, the early release day before the Thanksgiving break. The STEM Wars video highlights the STEM project-based learning that occurred on this day. Every student, in each grade level, participated in a Star Wars themed Engineering Challenge to stop Darth Vader from creating an army of Storm Troopers to take over Lowell. In collaboration with the Curriculum Office, a kick off assembly was held on Thursday, November 16, 2018, where Darth Vader challenged all the students to try and stop him. Luke Skywalker then assigned Pre-K students to make giant droids, Kindergarteners to create zip lines to help the Ewoks move about the forest, 1st graders to create get-away vehicles that could navigate various terrains, 2nd graders to make smaller droids, 3rd graders to design working light sabers, and 4th graders to create rocket blasters to help with the air battle. The students went through the entire engineering process in an effort to create a school wide experience, to excite students about science and engineering, and to increase student attendance on a day that typically has low attendance rates. In the end, all three goals were met.