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Understanding the Standards-Based Report Card Grades K-4

The Lowell Public School District is currently using a standards-based report card for kindergarten through grade 4.  As a District, we have aligned the elementary report cards to the Common Core Standards. 

All academic standards are graded with numbers.  Achieving a 3 in the Fall or Winter terms means your child is on track to meet the end-of-year standard.  Achieving a 4 means your child has achieved the end-of-year standard.  Achieving a 1 and 2 means your child needs additional help to meet the end-of-year standard.

Academic Standards - Rating System

5 - Exceeds the Standard
4 - Meets the Standard
3 - Progressing toward the Standard
2 - Beginning to understand the Standard, but requires support
1 - Not yet understanding the Standard, requires ongoing support

- Modified grading under an Individual Education Plan.

Content areas not assessed during a grading period are intentionally left blank

Responsibilities and Expectations are rated based on how often your child achieves the standard:  Consistently (C), Sometimes (S), Needs Improvement (N) or Modified grading under an Individual Education Plan (M).


These are video tutorials broken out by grade levels K-4 to help you better understand the new report card format: