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Yearbook Cover Design Contest Winner Selected


Friday, April 6th, 2018

Interview with design contest winner Lailah Brown:


How much time did you spend on the design?

“I actually spent like a week on this because I had to try out a whole bunch of different color designs. The pencil in the Stoklosa was going to be orange, but then I made the basketball orange, so it's now yellow. For the pattern of the black and red, I was originally going to do gray, but it felt like the darker scheme would be better. The trophy - I had to go to Ms. Giraffo - to find a color for that because I didn’t have that color at my house. I took a lot of feedback from other students because I didn’t want it to just be about what I wanted, but what everyone else would appreciate as well.”


Tell us about your experience after the voting.

“I wasn’t here for the voting, so it was kind of surprising to find out that a lot of people voted for me. During lunch, a lot of people came to me to say that they voted for my picture rather than everyone else’s. When I saw the other designs, I thought they could have had potential to win as well, but I feel honored that people chose mine.”


We all want to know - what do the flames represent?

“For me the flames represented the intensity and determination that we as a school have when it comes to winning because we get so competitive sometimes, especially during games like basketball and volleyball. I just felt like the flames would make like a nice bonus to show that intensity.”