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Greenhalge School Wins Level 3 Turnaround Grant

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Salah Khelfaoui, is pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has awarded a Level 3 Turnaround Grant to Lowell Public Schools on behalf of Frederic T. Greenhalge Elementary School in the amount of $600,000.


The Lowell Public Schools educational community is united in its support for the significant school turnaround efforts developed by and for Greenhalge Elementary School. Together, district and school leadership, as well as teachers, parents, students, and a diverse base of community stakeholders will ensure successful implementation of all key turnaround practices and indicators by collectively honoring the best of the school’s traditions, beliefs, and successes while ushering in a new era of educational excellence focused on mutual trust and respect, continuous and collaborative improvement strategies, and student-centered teaching and learning.


These funds will provide all of the children and families of the Greenhalge Schools with outstanding academic opportunities leading them to fulfill the school’s motto of Dream, Believe and Achieve.


Dr. Khelfaoui expresses his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the staff of the Greenhalge School whose focused efforts and hours of commitment have secured this grant. He has every confidence that the professionals and families of the Greenhalge School Community will attain high levels of achievement and growth.