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LPS Announces Appointment of New Chief Schools Officer and New Interim Middle School Principal

Lowell Public Schools Superintendent Joel Boyd is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chief Schools Officer for the District and the appointment of a new interim middle school principal, both effective July 1, 2021. 


Liam Skinner, current principal of the James S. Daley Middle School, has been named the new Chief Schools Officer for the Lowell Public Schools. Mr. Skinner is set to succeed Dr. Linus Guillory, who will depart as Chief Schools Officer at the end of June to become the Superintendent of the Brookline, MA Public Schools. Additionally, Daley Middle School assistant principal Robert Doyle has been named interim principal of the Daley Middle School and will assume principal duties there when Mr. Skinner transitions to the role of Chief Schools Officer in July. 


Mr. Skinner is a Lowell resident, immigrating here from Ireland in 1988. He started his journey in the Lowell Public Schools as an 8th grade math teacher at the Daley in 1994. Since 1999, Mr. Skinner has served as principal of the Daley, where he has fostered a culture of excellence, one characterized by a staff that continually seeks to improve instructional practices, who hold high expectations of students, communicate their belief in them, and take responsibility for their academic success. 


“Liam Skinner is a longtime principal at one of our top performing schools, a school that has continuously improved under his leadership,” Superintendent Boyd said. “The Daley Middle School is a model for excellence in teaching and learning, and through his new role as Chief Schools Officer, every school in the District will now benefit from Liam’s extraordinary leadership.”


“Supporting teachers is the part of my work I’ve enjoyed more than any other aspect,” Mr. Skinner said. “What excites me about this new role is to support principals to be instructional leaders.” 


As an immigrant, Mr. Skinner said that education provided opportunities for him here in the United States and he continues to make sure the children of Lowell are provided with a high quality education so they can have access to the same opportunities he did. 


“If we give students the education they deserve, it increases the probability that they will have a wonderful, wholesome life,” Mr. Skinner said. “That’s what motivates me.” 


Mr. Skinner’s successor, Robert Doyle, is a Lowell native and has been a longtime fixture at the Daley Middle School. After starting with the Lowell Public Schools as an ESL teacher at the Robinson Middle School, Mr. Doyle joined the Daley staff as a history teacher in 1997. Mr. Doyle was named assistant principal at the Daley in 2001, where he has worked alongside Mr. Skinner.


“Mr. Doyle is known for his work ethic, determination and dedication to the Daley School students and staff. He is the natural choice to become the next principal of the Daley Middle School after having worked in tandem with Mr. Skinner in leading the Daley community for the past 20 years,” Superintendent Boyd said. 


Mr. Skinner gives his assistant principal credit for helping to develop the positive school culture at the Daley, including establishing a school culture team.


“Mr. Doyle has genuinely been a co-leader with me,” Mr. Skinner added. “He is as fine an administrator as you’ll find anywhere.”


Dr. Guillory, Mr. Skinner and Mr. Doyle will finish this school year in their current roles, with all three starting in their new positions in July. 


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Robert Doyle & Liam Skinner

Mr. Robert Doyle, pictured left, is the current assistant principal at the James S. Daley Middle School and will become interim principal at the Daley School when current Daley School principal Mr. Liam Skinner, pictured right, becomes the new Chief Schools Officer for the District. Mr. Skinner and Mr. Doyle will finish this school year in their current roles, with both starting in their new positions in July.