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Important Change to School Cancelation Policy

Please read the following message providing an important change in our School Cancelation Policy for this school year. The message is posted below in English and is also available in the following languages: Arabic | Khmer | Lao | Portuguese | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese 


We wanted to reach out to our LPS community and share with you a change in our School Cancelation Policy for this school year. 


In the past, if there was inclement weather, we had the options of either delaying the start of the school day, or canceling school and having a “snow day”. The School Committee recently approved adding a third option of having a “Full Remote Learning Day” to the existing policy until June 30, 2021. 


This new option gives us added flexibility. In place of having a traditional snow day if our buildings are closed due to wintery weather, we are now able to have a remote school day that would count towards the required number of learning days. 


A decision to have a Full Remote Learning Day would impact all students, regardless of if they regularly attend school in-person or remotely. School buildings would be closed on Full Remote Learning Days, and learning would take place from home for all students. School staff will provide students with more information regarding the learning expectations for a Full Remote Learning Day due to inclement weather. 


When school buildings are closed due to inclement weather, including on Full Remote Learning Days, the grab and go meal sites will also be closed. However, in the event we can anticipate a potential storm, students will be able to receive extra meals at the meal sites the day before. We will communicate this with families ahead of time. 


We will announce a Full Remote Learning Day, no school, or a delay in the opening of school via phone call, email, the LPS website and LPS social media. We will also share this news with local TV and radio stations. 


Thank you for your continued support and partnership throughout this school year.