LINCOLN​ ​SCHOOL​ ​SPIRIT​ ​WEEK!​ ​December​ ​18th-22nd

Posted by Kashi Akira Lay and Ellyana Keo on 12/18/2017

Monday​ ​Crazy​ ​Hat​ ​Day Crazy Hat Day is when every grade can wear their crazy hats or normal hats such as mario hats, reindeer antlers, beanies, hoodies, baseball caps, emoji hats, and festive hats.

Tuesday​ ​Backwards​ ​Day Backwards Day is when YOU can wear your clothes backwards.We noticed that many students wore their shirts backwards.

Wednesday​ ​Crazy​ ​Hair​ ​Day On Crazy Hair Day you can make your hair look CRAZY and silly.

Thursday​ ​Grade​ ​Color​ ​Day Grade Color day is when your grade level has to wear a specific color ● Pre-k and kindergarten wears ORANGE ● First grade wears RED ● Second grade wears GREEN ● Third grade wears YELLOW ● Fourth grade wears BLUE

Friday is Pajama day PJ day is when you get to wear your cozy PJ’s(pajamas)


Check out some pictures here!:Spirit Week 2017


Blog post written by:SLT Members Kashi Akira Lay and Ellyana Keo