Week 4

Posted by Angela O'Neill on 10/8/2018


Four Friends, Barbara, Bianca, Patty, and Tina are nicknamed Reelo, Wheezie, Fly, and Blaze—but not necessarily in that order.  Based on the clues below, what is the nickname of each friend?


a.) Patty can run faster than Reelo but can’t swim as fast as Fly.

b.) Reelo is a faster swimmer than Tina but can’t run as fast as Wheezie.

c.) Barbara is faster than both Patty and Blaze but can’t swim as fast as Reelo.



Week 3 Answer:

A.) If Anna had 12 dimes and 3 nickels, she would have 15 coins and $1.35

B.) If Royce had 8 dimes and 2 quarters, he would have $1.30 and he would have 1/4 as many quarters as dimes.