SSC Minutes 10/25/18

Posted by Devon Mello on 10/25/2018

1) Our council will work on the USIP, Unified School Improvement Plan.  Kim will get baseline data regarding attendance from activities held last year.  (I see from previous minutes that attendance for the spaghetti dinner was over 20%.)
2) We plan to review the MCAS data and other data to compare the performance of Lincoln School relative to other schools. 
3) Next meeting, we will review and revise the Lincoln School Mission and Vision statement.
4) A new student attendance incentive program will be instituted. It will award both class attendance and individual attendance. The winner(s) will be awarded a 30 minute gym prize. (Basically each class/individual will get an entry slip into a drawing for each day/week/month of prefect attendance, and then a class winner and individual winner will be drawn.) 
5) The school will focus on holding special events (shows, celebrations, etc.) for K-4 during the school day in an effort to make it more convenient for parents/family to attend in order to boost attendance and support for our students.  The additional attendance/support should give the students a deeper sense of appreciation and greater self esteem. A flyer will go out next week in the November newsletter announcing a holiday show on Wednesday December 19, 2018. (correct date?).
6) Third and fourth grade student volunteers will participate in a program mentoring Kindergarten and first grade students.
7) The fourth grade class will make individual, personalized rocks to place in a walkway. Every year, the new 4th grade class will build upon the walkway. This will serve to give the students roots, bonding, pride, and a sense of belonging to something special for many years down the road.  
8) Our next SSC meeting will be held Thursday November 29, 2018  at 3:00 PM