SSC Minutes 9/15/17

Posted by Devon Mello on 9/15/2017

  1.  The First Spaghetti Dinner / Open House was a huge success with over 20% participation.  We will consider ways to increase this even further. Mill City Grows did a new foods tasting for the kids.
  2.  The PTO finances were in good standing after several successful events with about $8, 000 in the bank. Some of the things that will be funded /partially funded by this money include Chrome books, double the computer carts to 15 per grade.
  3.  The 21st Century Program's summer session was full at 100 students (20 per grade). The 2017-2018 school year session had about 250 students applying for 100 spots, and is running well again. It was decided that the same students will remain in the program for the entire year instead of rotating it to maintain steady schedules for parents. The SSC should look at how we can increase the number of spots and get feedback on likes and dislikes.  In addition, the school is continuing with basketball, Chess, robotics and Angkor dance.
  4.  The arrival procedure was kept the same as last year.
  5.  The Mission Continues 9/9 Remembrance of 9/11 was well received and appreciated.  The SSC should discuss how we can thank them. Also, we are looking for other projects to do with them: beautifying the bathrooms, recreating the library, etc.
  6.  All unclaimed lost/found clothing from last year  will be donated after a final notice.
  7.  How can we do a strings project at Lincoln School?
  8.  Book needs: $4,500... Money from PTO, Macom, BINGO at Spooky Night.  Also need sound cards, technology funds through the district.
  9.  (The "Gentleman's Club" was not discussed. Is it still planned?)