SSC Minutes 5/19/17

Posted by Devon Mello on 5/19/2017

1) The Lincoln School students, teachers and staff will have a professional group picture taken by  O'Connor's studio for presentation as a thank you gift to Macom.


2) The garden team planned to meet with Mill City Grows to discuss the following:


  1. a) How to engage the community for use of 8-10 beds.


  1. b) The Lincoln school will have 5 beds. We will have to schedule families to care for them during the summer months. A schedule, instructions, etc. will have to be created.


3) Upcoming events:


  1. a) The art show/ ice cream social was scheduled for Thursday 5/25.


  1. b) Scholastic book fair was scheduled for May 30 - June 1 .


  1. c) Team discussed ideas on how to capitalize on students' family strengths: There could be a hobby/career day with the  focus on 4th graders. Kim L. is looking into a spaghetti dinner.


4) Next Year Plans


  1. a) Lincoln School will begin a Home Visit Program next year. The plan is for two teachers to go to homes (with kits) to train kindergarten students on how to study, etc. while involving the parents.


  1. b) Hold a Back to School Meeting with parents, students, teachers and staff on the first Thursday night: Have a pot luck and sign up sheet for 21st century clubs, etc.  Could also have a fire truck, movies, etc.


5) There will be  Summer School and special clubs programs in the summer.


6) New Procedures for Arrival Patterns for Next Year


  1. a) No morning clubs.


  1. b) Doors will open at 8:30 AM, no early admittance (bus schedule should be OK)


  1. c) We will have to coordinate drop offs, multiple breakfast stations, different entry doors.


  1. d) No drive through for arrivals/dismissals?


  1. e) How do we prevent parents, etc. from parking in teachers' spots


  1. f) Before/after school care- parents pay? CTI?


7) Next/final meeting of the school year is scheduled for Friday June 16, 2017 at 2:45 PM.