SSC Minutes 3/3/17

Posted by Devon Mello on 3/3/2017

1) Fundraising:

(a) Lincoln School received excellent community support for the community reader week. 

(b) The school's goals include fostering community partnerships.

(c) The UNICEF fit bit activity bands championed ,by Marikay Guthrie , was greatly enjoyed by the students and benefited people in third world countries with much needed food.  It was a big success all around.

(d) Approximately $5,000 was raised for books, sound system, etc. 

(e) MaCom continued to be an exceptional sponsor for our school, donating additional items such as head phones. 

   ******Action Item: Create some type of "Thank You" gift from the students to MaCom- a collage of thank you cards, etc. ************

(f) Kim Lambourne will update us in the next meeting on the completed Little Caesar's Pizza fundraiser and the ongoing Penny Wars.


2) Community Garden:

(a) Angel Delsol updated the committee on garden activities.  The garden will be expanded by 10 more beds. 

 ****Action Items: Decide on some early harvest vegetables to plant/harvest before summer vacation.  Show the students the progress under the plastic. Plan Field Day  garden activities.*****

(b) We have to develop a plan to reach out to families on garden use. We might implement a red/yellow/green coding system to differentiate between school / community beds and availability, etc.

(c) ***Action Item: Implement a plan to care for the garden over the summer -  develop a schedule of  families to work the garden weekly  )Training / tool storage to be identified) ****


3) Safety Prevention Drill and Training to be defined by Marikay Guthrie (?)

(a) Evacuation procedures, weather emergency training, meeting and reunification locations,  operations-based in house training are to be developed.

(b)  The plans (alerts, reunification details) have to be communicated to parents.


4) Parent Teacher Conferences- how do we improve parent participation? Some ideas include snacks/water tables in the hallways for waiting families. (Can we get sponsors for the food such as Market Basket, Target, etc.?)


5) MCAS information session to be held on same day as the Parent Teacher Conferences.


6) Spring Concert ***Action Item: Secure a larger venue  such as the Stoklosa School (verify with Olivia).


7) Verify if the Cambodian New Year Celebration is Thursday April 13.


8) Agenda for next SSC Meeting on Friday April 7, 2017 at 2:30 PM

  1. a) How do we increase summer reading (and math?)?
  2. b) Summer School?
  3. c) "Gentlemen's Club" - will be postponed to next school year due to time constraints on Sgt. Peaseley.
  4. d) Other items to be addressed?