SSC Minutes 12/9/16

Posted by Devon Mello on 12/9/2016

1) Lincoln School is working with Mill City Grows to increase its number of garden beds. Families and restaurants (such as Simply Kmer) can use these garden beds to grow vegetables.  We had two Lincoln School parents, Angel and Alexis, volunteer to become active members of the Garden Coordinator Institute 2017. ( Applications are to be submitted.) Additional volunteers are welcome.


2) The SSC watched a video on the original "Gentlemen's Club", now known as  "Boys with a Purpose".  The guidelines/curriculum for Lincoln School's version of this club were discussed, with officer Jose Santiago joining our team and giving valuable input. It was decided to limit the initial club to boys since the data indicates that boys are in serious trouble much more frequently than girls. The first group of boys will be selected using the criteria of those most at risk / in need of support by excellent role models.


Some of the objectives, goals and scope of the Club were discussed and include the following: (a) Obtain appropriate clothing to give to the boys to be worn on specified days. (b) Line up speakers, role models, activities  for the boys to help build self esteem and character. (c) Establish an end of year "Mother-Son Dance"  (d) Build self respect and confidence within the boys and empower them to meet their maximum potential for a hopeful future. (e) The Club could be a safety net to help young boys that are most in danger - low self worth, low self regulation, no father at home or no positive father figure. (f) Help them identify something they are passionate about to focus on as a means to a successful future. (g) The club should be named during the next meeting; members are encouraged to suggest  names for the club. Presently, we have two suggestions, Young Executives  and Bright Futures,  and more are needed. 


3) Our current after school programs include the 21st Century Program (paid for by the state) and the Lego Robotics Club, Chess Club and Basketball Clinic (all funded by the building budget??). These three programs will become part of the 21st Century Program. Some suggestions for additional after school programs included Arts and Crafts, Music/Dance, and Drama.  The SSC  has to identify and obtain teachers/leaders for these new groups. Some possible sources of teachers are UMass Lowell , LHS , and MCC students.


4) The main methods of community outreach/communication to parents will remain  the Principal's Newsletter and FaceBook. To help inform more parents of  the Lincoln School site on FaceBook, we will put a sign outside the main entrance so that parents picking up/dropping off students can find out about it.


5) To help support students' socio-emotional needs, Lincoln School is implementing a  "Self Regulation"  methodology.  A summary handout was distributed and is available to parents. In addition , there is more information on the school website, and the book will be available in the library. We should next decide how best to share this Self Reg with more families in the school. The teachers/staff went through Yoga training and have also implemented the Caught Caring / Active Problem Solver systems to help promote self regulation among students.


6) Any donations for school families in need can be made to the school.


7) The school still collects BoxTops although many parents may not know this. Put an announcement on FaceBook regarding BoxTops.


8) The next SSC meeting will be  on Friday January 6, 2017 at 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM.  Future meetings can alternate between the 2:30 PM start time and the 7:30 AM start time , or may remain at the 7:30 AM depending on what the SSC decides.