Water bottle fundraiser announcement

bottles with QR code
Our water bottle fundraiser kicked off last Monday, November 29th!  This fundraiser will allow us to replace TWO older water fountains with new Elkay water bottle refill stations.  The refill stations will allow for students to refill their reusable bottles throughout the day and greatly reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles.
To meet our goal, we need to sell a total of 344 water bottles.  I am happy to share that in our first week, we sold 89 water bottles!  Thank you for all who have contributed so far!  
These bottles make for a great holiday gift and stocking stuffers, so let's keep the momentum going and meet our goal!!
For more information about the fundraiser and two different water bottles (The Boulder and The Wave bottles), please visit our Daley school fundraiser page by clicking here. .
You can also pre-purchase your water bottles by visiting https://forms.gle/KWEwa9ZpurKsqo9V8.
Feel free to share the links with family members and friends who would like to contribute.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Alves at valves@lowell.k12.ma.us