Constant Contact announcement

important update

Attention parents/guardians,

On April 3rd, the Daley school will be starting a new method of communication.  You will no longer receive a call from Ms. Candeloro on Sundays.  Instead, you will receive a Daley school weekly newsletter in your email.  The newsletter will contain important information such as announcements, upcoming events, reminders, and any additional information that needs to be shared with parents.

In order to receive the Daley School newsletter, we are asking parents to fill out the Contact Information Google Form by March 31st.
Again, it is important that you fill out the form so we can have your primary email as this will be the only form of communication starting April 3rd.

Please note: a maximum of two parents/guardians per student.  In this form, a second section has been provided for an OPTIONAL secondary parent/guardian. 

To fill out the Google Form, please click here.