Transcript: Mr. Skinner’s Call 3/26/20

Transcript: Mr. Skinner’s Call 3/26/20

Hello Daley School families, Mr. Skinner here.  I have a couple of important updates:

We now have a way for you to tell us how you are doing and what you need.  I’m aware that some families have technology needs and have various other needs.  Now you can tell us through a new form that’s posted on our website and the Daley Facebook page.  To find this form on the Daley website click the banner that reads, We want to hear from you!  Once you complete the form and hit the submit button at the bottom, your information will automatically be sent to us in a confidential manner. 

A second important message is that some of our teachers are communicating with students through students’ school email.  Please make sure your child is checking this email for messages from his or her teacher.  Again, you can find a link to our online resources, including the log in for student accounts, on our webpage under the tab for Parent & Students.

I very much hope that you and your family members are healthy and well.  I know that you want what’s best for your child.  Now, more than ever, that means promoting their education.  Engage with us, please, through our new ‘We want to hear from you!’ form and through student email.

Thank you for listening.  A transcript of this message is posted on our Daley website.