Grab and Go Meals and Additional Resources Available in Lowell

Hello Shaughnessy Families,

As you heard earlier in this week, Governor Baker extended the closure of Massachusetts' schools until May 4th.

Despite this ongoing challenge that we are all facing together, I wanted to remind everyone that the Shaughnessy is still working to support our students and to continue to reach out if you need anything.

Thank you to all of our families who have been accessing the lunch program at the different school sites each day. As you have heard from the district, this has now been opened up to breakfast meals as well, where families can now pick up a breakfast for the following morning. Parents, you do not need to have your child with you to pick up the meals each day during the scheduled times for each site.

The district has continued expanding the resources for students to engage in home enrichment and I have included a link below to make it easier for you to find. Print outs of enrichment activies will continue to be offered for each grade level at the meal sites for families. In addition, Shaughnessy staff have been recording virtual read alouds that are being posted to the Lowell Public Schools YouTube Channel. There is a playlist that shows only the Shaughnessy videos, and I am also including a link to that playlist below.  If you watch the videos, you will see several appearances by my son, as well as family members of our teachers as well.

On behalf of the entire Shaughnessy staff, I want to wish you all a nice weekend, and you will continue to hear regular updates from me, as well as messages from our teachers through their own communications. We will continue to work together to support each of our students until we are able to return to school.

Thank you and have a good night.

Link to Home Learning Resources

Shaughnessy Staff Read Alouds

Information on the Meals Program


Mr. Passeri 

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Grab and Go Meals