Lowell Public School Notice/Disclaimer for Online/Remote Learning Activities

Lowell  Public School Notice/Disclaimer for Online/Remote Learning Activities

  1. By logging in and/or allowing your child to log in and participate in Lowell Public School (hereinafter “District”) online/remote learning activities, you and your child agree, understand and have notice to the terms and information outlined below. 
  2. You and your child understand that your child’s voice, name, image, activities and work may and/or will be transmitted over the internet, into the homes of other students and staff-depending upon the types of remote learning available. The District will take measures to ensure secure transmission, but the District cannot guarantee or warrant complete confidentiality of your child’s voice, name, image, activities and work while participating in online/remote learning activities.
  3. In an effort to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of your child, teachers and other students, you and your child agree that neither of you will save, record, share, or post any online/remote learning activities or any photos from these activities. Please also note that pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272, Section 99, that it is also illegal to record a student or staff member without their permission.  Therefore, it is important that you and your child review the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (Elementary/Middle School handbook) as well as the District Chromebook and Internet Guidelines.
  4. Please also be on notice that District school rules and policies, as outlined in our handbooks will continue to apply to the District's online/remote learning activities. This includes, but is not limited to ensuring that all online/remote learning activities are free from bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or any other actions which would violate the District’s Code of Conduct.
  5. Additionally, we suggest that when your child engages in online/remote learning activities that your child does so in a quiet, private area to the extent practical given the circumstances, in order to minimize background noise and distractions and to protect the integrity of your child's engagement as well as the confidentiality of your child and other students.
  6. It is also recommended that you and other household members who normally are not privy to day-to-day classroom and group service discussions agree to respect and keep confidential any personal or private information (e.g. disability status) that may be inadvertently discovered as a result of online/remote learning activities.
  7. Please know that if you or your child have any questions or concerns in regards to online/remote learning activities, that you may contact Kimberley Clements, kclements@lowell.k12.ma.us, 978-937-7644 for more information.
  8. In addition, if you and your child have concerns about the online/remote learning activities, please contact Kimberley Clements, kclements@lowell.k12.ma.us, 978-937-7644 or the classroom teacher.