ACRE Family Child Care

  • Acre Family Child Care provides a pathway for women to achieve economic independence by operating high quality childcare businesses in their homes. Acre Family provides care for nearly 400 children every day in a network of family childcare homes. Acre Family staff visit the homes to monitor the quality of care, and offer family support services and early childhood training programs in multiple languages throughout the year. Acre Family Child Care (AFCC) was founded in 1988 in response to two related economic and community development needs: jobs and childcare. Acre Family Child Care provides training programs in English, Spanish, and Khmer that enable women to run licensed family childcare businesses in their own homes. The program has an innovative ripple effect in the community: the family childcare providers earn a living and are able to stay at home with their own young children; at the same time, they offer childcare to the community so other parents may work or attend job training programs.