Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

  • Empowering children, young adults and families to achieve greater independence and emotional well-being. Wayside Lowell’s site provides a variety of in-home and community-based services for youth with emotional and behavioral needs and families experiencing significant stress. Services are insurance based or referred to through DCF or DMH. Some of the services offered are the following: Intensive Care Coordination, Family Partner, Family Support & Training, Therapeutic Mentor, In Home Therapy. Some of our most sought-after groups are “Becoming an Ally” and the “Parent Support Group”. Parents, caregivers, teachers, providers and community members usually join our “Becoming an Ally” group. This helps members develop skills and tools for supporting allyship with LGBTQIA+ youths. The “Parent Support Group” is for caregivers and parents who are raising a child with mental health disabilities. Drop in Services is a service for parents and caregivers to be able to make appointments with a Family Support Specialist in order to work on specific resources and goals.


    For more information on Becoming an Ally, please contact: Bridget Anderson, bridget_anderson@waysideyouth.org , 978-349-4174 or Lisa Gonzales, lisa_gonzales@waysideyouth.org , 978-349-4206


    For more information on the Parents Support Group or Drop-in, please contact

    Roberta Agostinho, Family Support Specialist, at 978-349-4177 or

    Malik Marrero, Senior Lead Family Specialist at 978-349-4171