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    Social Studies: 

    Students should click here to access Checkology and click here to access JogNog for assignments. All assignments are posted in Google Classroom.

    All assignments and resources are posted in your Social Studies Google Classroom under the Classwork tab. Here are our tasks for this week:

    1. "US Supreme Court" article with questions

    2. Checkology: Your Rights activity

    3. Video reflection: Purpose. "On the Road with Steve Hartman" with writing prompt.

    4. Any past-due work from April 5- May 8.

    Make sure you log in and complete our "Question of the Day" every day!


    Monday 8th grade class meeting (3-4pm): https://zoom.us/j/143655183?pwd=ejREK1UvWTRNV1AvK29TOGd4VEVGUT09

    Tue. - Fri. optional office hours (4-5pm): https://zoom.us/j/749686200?pwd=cVN5OGNUdG96QUlLb1FBQ3BySFkrUT09

    Join if you have any questions or just want to check in!


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    Allied Arts

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