• The students at Moody School will be equipped with the academic and social skills necessary to successfully enter the next grade level. 

    The Moody School Community commits to:

    • Providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment
    • Broadening opportunities to explore the world
    • Building social and academic language
    • Developing reflective and responsible critical thinkers and problem solvers
    • Involving families in their children's learning

    School Motto:  I can and I will....

    The Moody Elementary School Continues to focus on increasing communication between the school and home.  We believe that effective instruction is best accomplished when parents are familiar with the school's programs, and when they have opportunities to participate with teachers in educating their children.  The school recognizes the importance of forming close working relationships within the school between parents, staff members and students in order to work together toward the common goal of improving the learning environment for children and adults.  For parents, we strive to provide opportunities for involvement in governance, as volunteers in the school, and as participants in training workshops and information meetings to access the curriculum, community resources and services.  For staff member, our goal is the promote the collaboration of all stakeholders in developing and implementing innovative curriculum to integrated groups of students based on the Common Core Standards.  For student, our goals is to coordinate efforts between parents and school staff to deliver optimal instructional experiences to our students and provide them with opportunities to develop friendships with peers and trusting relationships with adult member of the school community.