School Site Council Meeting January 12 2021

Posted by Lauren Campion on 1/12/2021 3:00:00 PM

PDF: School Site Council Meeting Notes 01/12/21

Career Academy School Site Council



2:00 – 3:00 pm 

Attendees: Megan O, Jen D, Marsha B, Rhea G, Lauren C, Musu G

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Norm Setting

  • Purpose:

    •  To Inform decision making for school improvement

  • Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

  1. Mission Statement

 The Career Academy re-engages off-track students to become successful in a setting with increased supports, smaller classes, flexible scheduling, and competency-based teaching and learning.


  • Remove “off-track” bc we are servicing both students who are   off-track and on-track

  • Not all students need to be re-engaged

 Working Draft 1/12/21

The Career Academy (continuously) engages students to take control of their learning through student-led inquiry, positive relationship building, work-based learning, and wraparound supports. They acquire academic, social emotional, and industry specific competencies that transfer to real-world scenarios in their community and professional futures.   

  1. Vision Statement 

 The Career Academy offers a gateway for its students to achieve current goals through rigorous academics, exposure to career development and building the social-emotional skills needed to get there. Our students develop strong, healthy relationships based on respect and tolerance. They are inventive thinkers and attack all goals with tenacity and perseverance. By engaging and partnering with the community, we provide a comprehensive network of supports that traverse out-of-school barriers and prepare students for success beyond high school. The student’s Career Academy experience culminates as they embark on a path to reach their future goals of meaningful careers, maintaining solid relationships and being productive citizens.



  • Gateway - reconsider this term

  • Achieve current goals-> help them set goals 

  • Students are prepared with the 21st century skills to be thriving/rising members of the community

    • Including financial literacy - digital banking - how to help students get these essential skills.

  • Have real-life skills to be successful

  • Responsible and proactive! Not waiting for other people to do things for you - get out there and do it. Take the initiative.

  • Advocate for selves

  • Do we say 21st Century Skills or break it down to more specifics 

Working Draft 1/12/21:

Students are in the driver’s seat on their road to success. They develop skills for personal, academic, and professional success beyond high school through a curriculum rooted in student-led inquiry, social-emotional development, and career connections. They will persevere toward their goals supported by positive relationships built with their peers, teachers, and mentors. They will explore college and career pathways through hands-on exposure to industry and fields of study, discovering their passion that will launch their post-graduation life. Graduates will continue as lifelong learners, with the relationship building, critical thinking, and field-based skills to make a positive impact on the world.


Jamboard session:

  •  What are we doing well to meet our mission and vision? 

  •  What can we do better to meet our mission and vision? 

  Next Steps

      • Next Meeting Date: February 9th  2-3 pm (2nd tuesday of each month)

      • Topics to explore

        • Consider proposed edits and be prepared to vote next 

        • Incorporate feedback

        • Help middle schools identify students- put out student profiles, parent info sessions

        • Keep an eye on middle school high-school sign up schedule

        • Finalize mission and vision statements 

        • How to make this as an opt-in program for incoming freshmen?

Identify priority areas of need for servicing students using this group feedback



  • surveys