• Family Volunteer Opportunities


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    • School Council: help plan events and shape the school's policies and programs
    • Field Trip Chaperone: join the students on educational field trips across Massachusetts 
    • Family Resource Network: help new families get acclimated to the school and community
    • Adopt a school garden bed: plant and care for crops in one of our community garden beds
    • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class: Improve English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills  
    • Family Resource Center Events: Participate in workshops, cultural nights, and family fun at the LPS Family Resource Center
    • Citywide Family Council: Represent the Career Academy's voice in a districtwide conversation of education improvement


    CORI Check Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is a CORI?

    A. The Crimial Offender Record Information (CORI) application is a type of background check used by Massachussetts schools to screen prospective employees and volunteers before working with students

    Q: Who needs to get one?

    A. Anyone who will have direct, unmonitored contact with children must pass a CORI check prior to serving in the Lowell Public Schools. This includes family members that volunteer in their child's schools for activities such as chaperoning a field trip.

    Q. Where do I get the CORI application?

    A. You can complete the CORI application at your child's school with designated personnel (clerk, principal, or parent liaison), or at the LPS Central Office (155 Merrimack St, 4th Floor) Human Resources Department. You can also download and print the form hereahead of time. 

    Q. What do I need to complete the application?

    A. You will need your photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc)

    Q. Who will see my information, and what will they see?

    A. An LPS CORI Review Board of authorized personnel sends your application for review to the Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB). They may see the personal identifying information you fill out on the CORI application form and your criminal record information.

    Q. Does my imigration status matter?

    A. No- the CORI check review an individual's criminal record, not their imigration status.

    Q. How often do I have to get a CORI check?

    A. Volunteers in the Lowell Public Schools must submit the CORI application annually