School Site Council Meeting March 17th, 2020

Posted by Lauren Campion on 3/17/2020

Megan O’Loughlin (co-chair), Lauren Campion (co-chair), Jennifer Drivas (teacher), Rhea Gordon (community partner), Contribution to QIP goals & objectives by Ana Esteves (parent)​

Goal of Meeting: Review Career Academy Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) objectives and working document

  • Review Mission and Vision
  • Create Core Values and Commitments
  • Additions to Goals and Objectives:
    • Climate Committee, peer observations and collaborations
    • Data summit on MCAS, credit attainment, graduation, rethinking discipline and other DESE conference
    • STEM intervention  for 9thand 10th graders in STEM classes rather than pullout pilot based on MCAS data, Academic discourse, implement writing across content areas using iReady data
    • Roadmap review 3x per year with teachers and college/career partners
    • identifying community partner programs that match with student needs.
  • Review of budget priorities:
    • Mental health and college and career with general fund
    • Math instruction- add tutors or sub for full time para
    • Continued investment in technology and curriculum