Grade 3 School Supply List


Get Ready For Third Grade!

Dear Parents:

In order for you to help us prepare for learning in third grade, please plan on buying the following items before school begins on Wednesday, August 30th. Having these items on hand by the opening of school will assist us greatly, and gets the kids excited to come back!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and supporting your child’s education.

Mrs. Bradfield Mrs. Pappathan

Grade 3 Suggested Supplies List:

1 pack of 12 wooden pencils for both homework and school (Ticonderoga brand is best!):
colored pencils/crayons
small plastic pencil sharpener
glue sticks
child scissors
plastic frosted two-pocket homework folder (found at Staples or Walmart): or
one subject notebooks in red, yellow, blue, and green
paper two pocket folders in red, yellow, blue, and green
black thin Expo brand dry erase markers:
clear soft pencil case (zippered bag):
2 boxes of tissues
1 Clorox wipe container to clean desks