Grade 2 School Supply List

Moody Elementary School
Second Grade Suggested Supply List

We are very excited about the upcoming school year! We have an amazing journey ahead of us, but we will need to be equipped for the experience with a few basic supplies.

Your child will be expected to have these basic supplies available for use in the classroom every day. Time spent looking for misplaces or missing items costs us valuable instructional minutes, and is a distraction to learning. Please check with your child periodically during the year to assure that all their needed items are always available.

There may be a few additional items requested later in the year, such as field trip funds. We will begin our first fundraising opportunity fairly quickly once the school year begins. Our fundraisers are very important to help us fund field trips and other school activities. Thank you!

School Supply List
12 Standard #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed)
Pencil Sharpener
24 pack of crayons
Glue sticks
Pencil Case
2 Black dry erase markers

Classroom Supply List
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Thank you very much for all your support,
Mrs. Costello and Mrs. Klobucher